Maybe it's been a while since you've done laundry or maybe it's time to get out those clothes for the new season. Whatever you've got going on, we can do your laundry – a lot of it! The larger the block, the cheaper it gets to clean your dirty clothes. For now, serving areas that includes serving colleges, businesses, and private homes in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Please call for specific service areas. For drop-off service come see us at 6707 Strawberry Lane, Louisville 40214, one half block east of Southside Drive.
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Up to 50 lbs. Up To 2 Pickups...
Ex Tax: $45.00
Up to 100 lbs. Up To 3 Pickups...
Ex Tax: $79.00
Up to 200 lbs. Up to 6 Pickups...
Ex Tax: $159.00
Up to 300 lbs. Up to 8 Pickups...
Ex Tax: $229.00
Up to 400 lbs. Up to 10 Pickups...
Ex Tax: $299.00

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